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The National Park Centennial

November 25, 2016

On August 25, 2016 the National Park Service will be 100 years old! The National Park Service is not only made of employees and volunteers but also states, local governments and American Indian Tribes. Today The National Park Service protects nearly 400 national parks for future generations to enjoy. In 2014 National Parks across the United States had almost 300 million visitors! Let’s review the history and accomplishments that make the National Parks what they are today.

Even though the first National Park was created in 1872, the National Park Service was not formed until President Woodrow Wilson signed an act of congress on August 25, 1916. By 1916, there were already 14 national parks! The mission in 1916 is still the same today, which is to protect natural resources for enjoyment and education for future generations. The National Park service has protected animals from extinction.  For example, in 1926 the last remaining wolves died in Yellowstone National Park.  Today, Yellowstone has over 300 grey wolves roaming around in their natural habitat.  With the creation of the National Park Service, acts such as the Wilderness Act, the Land and Water Conservation Act, and the National Historic Preservation Act were also created.

With the effects of global warming, endangered species, and shrinking habitats it is more important now than ever to do your part.  That is why for every National Park traveler in 2016 Mayflower Tours will donate $5.00 to support Tourism Cares and its works with the National Parks. Volunteers in Tourism Cares help keep the park clean and functional to enhance the travel experience for each visitor.  So come out to see the great work of these volunteers and celebrate 100 years of the National Parks Service!

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